New Build Roofing

New House, New Home, New Roof

If you’re looking for a reliable team to roof your new-build home in Tauranga, Mason Roofing are the ones to call.

We understand how critical timing is to the progress and final results of a new home build. We will work directly with your project manager to arrange timing, scaffolding, materials and specifications.

We offer roofing products (roofing iron, fascia and spouting) from Steel & Tube and Roofing Industries. This includes all the dependable ColorSteel® products, and many modern options like the popular EuroStyle™ or Euroline® ranges of flat-pan sheet.

We’ve been roofing Tauranga and the Bay for more than 30 years, and we’ve roofed a huge number of new homes. It’s always best to get us involved early. Talk to Mason Roofing today about your plans for a new home.

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Repairs Don’t Make a Roof Like-New

Need a new roof? It’s a sound investment with Mason Roofing.

Even robust roofing systems in New Zealand can only be relied on for around 50 years. Cheaper roofs commonly fail much sooner. NZ is a beautiful place, but the conditions are harsh, with strong winds, salty air, and terrible UV from the sun. Repairing a roof can be cheaper in the short term, but they leave the rest of the roof in the same aged, loose and worn state that caused the issue in the first place.

With the recent housing crisis, people (and the banks that finance them) are looking much more closely at the condition of properties. This means that if you re-roof your home, the value of a newly-replaced roof is much more likely to factor into the value of your home.

Mason Roofing can offer a long-lasting roof replacement with a 15-year paint finish warranty that will add value to your home. Talk to us today.

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Fascia and Spouting

Essential for Looks and Function

A roof is only half the story – your home’s gutters and downpipes are what safely convey water away to the drain.

Mason Roofing offer proven spouting systems and fascia to match or complement the colours of your roof and walls.

A quality installation of fascia and spouting can make a huge difference to their longevity. Angles, location, connection details and even simply cleaning up trimmings can all prevent premature failure of the system.

Mason Roofing offer a number of fascia and spouting styles from Steel & Tube or Roofing Industries, including Colorsteel® products that carry a paint finish warranty of up to 10 years. Talk to us today about fascia, gutters and downpipes for your new or replacement roof.

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Mason Roofing have been roofing the Bay for 30 years.
Talk to us today about your roofing needs in Tauranga.